Give a Bumble, Get a Bumble, everybody Bumble Bumble!

Just in time for Christmas!  

We are so excited to be launching our FIRST officially licensed Mouthman® Hoodie Shirt and couldn't be more tickled that its one of our favorite childhood Christmas Story characters!

Bumble the Abominable Snow Monster® can go from shy to RRAWWRR with just a quick hug to yourself!
And to celebrate our new product launch- we're hosting! a Rafflecopter giveaway for your chance to win one of the first ones off the production line! 


Of course if you just can't wait-- or dont want to take the chance on our selling out of stock on this first limited run- you can always just order one! 

FYI-- did you know 2014 marks the 50th Anniversary of the iconic television show so many of us grew up watching? 


50 YEARS!!
How do they stay so young looking? 


Good Luck on the giveaway folks!  Hurry quick tho- its over soon on 12/12! 

Love, Suzsanna (Suzie) :) 

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Jackie Snider

Jackie Snider said:

Definitely bumble!

Heather McKenzie Carter

Heather McKenzie Carter said:

As cool as Bumble is, Rudolph will always hold my heart as favorite :)

Jessica Parent

Jessica Parent said:

Bumble is and has ALWAYS been my favorite character from Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer
Debby Etling

Debby Etling said:

I love hermey he is so cute and just wants to follow his dreams. Thank you for the giveaway. Love your shirts

Luann Wright

Luann Wright said:

I remember watching Bumble the first time he appeared on television screens. I don’t know about the kids but “chomp” I would love this shirt ⛄️
Your shirts are the best!!! And you all are pretty great

sandra shead

sandra shead said:

I love bumble the snow monster :-) he completes the land of misfit toys. I collect all land of misfit toys items. Make great christmas decoration. Very creative mouthman.. keep up the great work :-)

Marla Jones

Marla Jones said:

I love them all! Bumble is very kool!


ReggieMann said:

I love Rudolph and Clarice but have a fond memory of Sam the Snowman (didn’t know that was his name) voiced by Burl Ives and the song Holly Jolly Xmas

deb c

deb c said:


Kari Meeks

Kari Meeks said:


Melissa Peters

Melissa Peters said:

Just when I think you have already outdone yourselves you just do it again!!!! Love this!!

Melissa Anderson

Melissa Anderson said:


Phyllis Storms

Phyllis Storms said:

Love bumble. ..but I think rudolph is of course #1

christopher sorel

christopher sorel said:

bumble was the best in this

angela martin

angela martin said:


Deborah meissner

Deborah meissner said:

I have two favorites Bumble and Hermes!!!


Brian said:

Yukon Cornelious is my favorite character.

Denise Dixon

Denise Dixon said:

I love Bumble ..he is so cute

Staci A

Staci A said:

Love this shirt! Our favorite character is Rudolph.


Ashley said:

Bumble definitely!!!!

Sandi Thoma

Sandi Thoma said:

Bumble is awesome. This movie will forever be my favorite Christmas movie.


Erica said:

I love Bumble, BUT my favorite is Yukon Cornelius!! I love when he licks his little pick ax and then says, “Nuthin’.”

jennifer dansberger jones

jennifer dansberger jones said:

I like Hermey but Yukon Cornelius is a close second!

Julie M.

Julie M. said:

I love the Misfit Toys….especially the Charlie in the Box and the train with square wheels on his caboose.

janay oliver

janay oliver said:


Vanessa W.

Vanessa W. said:

I like Yukon Cornelious the most!

Jason May

Jason May said:

Bumble, Definately the coolest character

Jessy wilson

Jessy wilson said:

Rudolph will always be my fav…along w bumble…but I think it’s safe to say that SANTA is AT&T he too of my list too!

Jessy wilson

Jessy wilson said:

*at the top of my list too!

Gertrude Ezell

Gertrude Ezell said:

Honestly, this movie has always creeped me out, but my Mom loves it, so I would give her the shirt and I would guess her’s is Clarice, but she loves Yetis too.
Thank you!


bridget said:

Bumble, of course!!! LOVE this shirt!!


Viv said:

Hi! Gotta go w/Rudolph! Happy Chompin’ Holidays!! Rock On!


Sky said:

I love all of them!! I can’t decide!! :D

Heather Eisenhooth

Heather Eisenhooth said:

I love Cornelius and the Bumble!

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