30 years ago our inventor and founder, Ross Valory had a vision. 

One day, on a short break from touring, Ross was visiting some friends in Arizona, sipping coffee, hanging out and enjoying the antics of his friends' kids as they were tearing around the house doing something they referred to as the "JAWS."

According to Ross, it was very cute how they were running around the house in a single line, hugging their shoulders while "chomping" at each other with their elbows, giggling and "rrawwring" and putting on quite the show!  He tucked that playful thought away, as he went on with the important business of being the bassist for the legendary American rock band "Journey."

In fact he is one of the two original founding members of the iconic band, formed in San Francisco back in the mid 70's.  

So while Ross was very busy being a successful rock star… that cute image of the chomping kids bounced around in his head for 20 years -- until one day something clicked -- he "hugged himself" in the same fashion as those kids years ago, and thought... "how cool would it be to create shirts that would let you actually become the animal you are pretending to be! A shirt with graphics on the sleeves that would present a giant mouth when the wearer wraps their arms around themselves!"

Ross soon enlisted artist and fellow rock star friend, "The Tubes" drummer Prairie Prince, and the duo created the first 3 beautiful airbrushed designs finally bringing the animated apparel concept to life!  

Offering an ever growing menagerie of playful designs-MouthMan®  Animated Apparel is proudly designed and made in Northern California -- by people (thats us!) who practice sustainability and energy efficiency, and give back through donations, volunteerism, and sourcing locally before globally.  

We are committed to utilizing eco-friendly ethically sourced materials, and practicing sustainability and energy efficiency
in our manufacturing processes and day-to-day operations. 

Our signature bold graphics and vivid saturated colors are created using an environmentally responsible printing process called "dye-sublimation."  We use only the finest non-toxic, skin-friendly water based inks that wont ever fade or wash out for the life of the garment.  Your hoodie even comes in a cool award winning recycleable box.
Mouthman Owner/Inventor - Journey Bass Player - Ross Valory

Ross Valory is the legendary bass player for the music group Journey, recently nominated to the Rock 'N Roll Hall Of Fame.  Neal Schon and Ross Valory are currently the remaining original members of Journey still performing. Ross played on every Journey album except for the 1986 "Raised on Radio" recording sessions and tour.

One technique Ross uses a five-string bass' as the lower four strings for stringing a four-string bass. Thus, in lieu of the standard E, A, D, G string configuration, he strings his bass to B, E, A, D. This accomplishes a five-string bass sound while attaining the fast fingering characteristic of a four-string bass.

In addition to bass, Ross also plays keyboards, guitar and the recorder.  Ross Valory formerly played with The Steve Miller Band, The Storm, The Vu, and Frumious Bandersnatch.

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To learn more about Prairie Prince and his extensive influence in Art, Music, Photography and Set Design,
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Mouthman's product line was acquired by nZilla, LLC.  The Mouthman® brand now is sold by Valroy's, Inc. who now brings new products and designs.

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