Rainbow skeletons and why Aliens are our friends!

We love Skellies!!!

-- who knows why-- maybe because you all keep buying so many!

Or maybe because they subconsciously make us feel a little thinner when we wear them?  No matter why-- we are introducing yet another color to our closet full, just because.So now, besides  Black and White X-Ray, Purple,  and the very popular Pink, you can put a little groov-y in your chomp with this Rainbow colored TIe-Dye Guy!

 And lucky ! You can enter to win one of the first ones in the batch right here! <----Yes, click that!! 

 BTW, Mouthman Skeleton now tops the list as our number one selling shirt! So we figure we won't be done with this one until we give you few more color options too. Have a favorite? Let us know- But soon, I'm sure we'll have a yellow, blue and green and red..... Seriously though- we really should be making so many OTHER cool and fun designs!  Each of us here at Mouthman have our own a list of wannas- and we have an ongoing list of "hey you guys should makes" from our fans!  Tops is  Pink Hippo, Lion, Eagle, Horse, Walrus, Gorilla, Polar Bear, Bat, a Straight Jacket, Monster Truck, B52 Bomber,  Venus Flytrap (Thanks M Peters!) and of course  a cast of  licensed characters and seemingly endless sports mascots. Why,  in the scary monster realm alone we need to make a Mummy,  Dracula,  Godzilla,  Zombie and an Alien- (wait- are Aliens scary? Are they Monsters?  Why have we been taught that Aliens are scary anyway?  Shouldn't we be giving them the benefit of the doubt? What have they ever done to give us a bad first impression!!?  Didn't our parents teach us not to judge a book by its cover? And whats wrong with the cover anyway?? 

no, Aliens -- NOT scary.   Still cool, though, so we'll still make one. Now, if we only knew what they really look like... ;)  



Clearly there are many schools of thought on this!! :

like this from Luigi L ...



  and so many others....




So, let us know what YOU think. 

That's one of the things that makes working for Mouthman so rewarding... the ideas and inspiration for our shirts come from everywhere- including YOU.

 And thats pretty cool too. 


Now, go enter the contest , win yourself one of the neato-est (and only CHOMPING ) skeleton shirts around- and we'll catch you back here soon! 

Peace Out! 





November 10, 2013 by Suzsanna Kormos