We were so honored to be asked to sponsor the Northbrook Speed Skating Club's 60th Annual Short Track Open last week!  

This club is notorious for pumping out Olympic Speed Skaters since the 1950's! Check out this impressive list of Olympians!

So how did a SpeedSkating Club from a Chicago Suburb get involved with a Hoodie Shirt Company in Northern California?

Well,  NBSSC contacted us after a group of their kids discovered our shirts, and then discovered how wonderful they are to practice in! 

So, they decided they wanted to help promote MouthMan while raising funds for their annual open, and maybe even, one day soon we could make MouthMan SpeedSkating Skins

How could we resist?! 



So we sent a check, some artwork and a bunch of MouthMan Shark shirts that they decided to use in place of traditional trophies for time trial winners.
They had them all embroidered with their logo!

    They became highly coveted!!

Even the Officials got in on the fun! 

Our cash donation was well spent- at $350 per hour for an eight hour event, the ice time alone was a huge expense! 

Our sponsorship included some goodies for us too!
~Naming rights for the event- It was now the 2014 MouthMan® Northbrook Short Track Speed Skating Open .
That looked really good on the giant banner in front and on the press release that was sent to all of the local News Stations.  
T-shirts with all of the Sponsors logos were made- with the most prominent position and size reserved for MouthMan.   
We have two 44X 60 Banners and 3 crash mat ads displayed at the rinks for the entire year.
We gave Olympic 
Speed Skaters Brian Hansen and Mitch Whitmore a few of our favorite Hoodies to give them a boost of fierce, and they ended up taking the trip to  Sochi with them!- All in all, we got tons of exposure during the meet, we made any many new friends, and even got some recognition from US Speed Skating Association!
We'll be 
sharing more photos of this newly forged relationship in the next few weeks as the Olympics wind down- in the meantime we created some special Chompbucks for people to use and share. 

One dollar from every order that is placed using this code will be donated to Northbrook Speed Skating Club- so spread the word! 

Get'em! Use'em! Share 'em! #chompbucks are virtual dollars in the form of a#discountcode that spend just like money on our website!
This chomp bucks code is CHOMP10nbssc and gets you 10 bucks off anything!!

Plus, every purchase using this code gets $1donated to Northbrook Speed Skating club!




#mouthman #mouthmanusa

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by Rendi

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