We're very excited to bring you our new and improved Mouthman website. It should be a lot easier and more fun for our customers to navigate around on. Especially on mobile devices. I've had a lot of fun building it and playing with it as I went along. I truly hope you guys enjoy shopping on it as I did making it.

As we approach the holiday season this year there are some very exciting new things going on. We are really looking forward to bringing you our new sweatshirts! Same great quality and the same amount of fun, just more of it on those chilly days and nights. Kids of all ages and sizes will be able to double layer their Mouthman products. You can never have too much fun right?

We are also making our first entry into the collegiate sports market. This is where I have always felt Mouthman has it's largest potential. I'll post more on this as it all starts to unfold in the near future. But this is exciting news indeed!

As always more new designs will be coming soon. In the last few months we've released the leopard, bigfoot and the lastest, the panda bear. We've got some really fun ideas for future designs. Be sure to check back often!

Special thanks to our diehard fans out there. Casual ones too! We really do appreciate your business! Your endless stories about how our shirts are worn and played with almost daily really touch our hearts! And sharing your priceless pictures is always appreciated! Be sure and click the facebook icon in the upper right corner and "like" us if you haven't already.

Many thanks to the wonderful people at Shopify for making my creation time short, easy and fun! Your tools are amazing! You guys ROCK!


Dave Williams
Mouthman Creative Director