Some days you save, some days you spend...and some days you WIN!


We understand how hard it is these days to get  great quality, non toxic,  eco friendly AND made in the USA- which is why we stand firm on what a great value our shirts are.  But every so often we like to reward our fans with a great deal to get their elbows flapping!  
So...  We have an awesome flash sale/giveaway going on at one of our favorite coupon sites-

 Colin is you will find a constant stream of deals, steals, coupons, reviews and giveaways!
 Here you will also find a chance to win one of ten of our shirts, and  our best deal yet- 25% off  any order,  or buy 2 get one free on any combo of TREX, RAPTOR and Original Shark.  Follow the link to get the code!

Happy Chomping all! This deal goes away OCTOBER 15!  




October 12, 2013 by Suzsanna Kormos
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